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Making Calls With No Time To Lose

The Los Angeles LGBT Center is ramping up pressure on lawmakers who might support a bill that would destroy the Affordable Care Act and it’s asking voters to help.

If the bill that’s being considered by the U.S. Senate is successful, it is estimated that at least 23 million people would lose their health care and the LGBT community would be hit particularly hard.

The Center is looking for volunteers to participate in its next phone bank, on July 9, to call voters in key states and urge them to take action.

“We have absolutely no time to lose,” says Dave Garcia, the Center’s Director of Policy and Community Building.

“Many of these individuals are the most vulnerable among us including transgender people and those living with HIV. Our single best chance at preserving the Affordable Care Act and defeating this heartless and reckless plan is to let our voices be heard now.  Right now. We have absolutely no time to lose.”

Phone bank participants will reach out to voters in states with lawmakers who have not yet said how they plan to vote on this devastating bill.

The Center’s most recent phone bank effort on June 25 had 45 volunteers. This hard-working team had 2,150 conversations with voters and secured commitments from 280 of them to contact their senators.

“These community members are not only donating their time and energy to save healthcare, they’re sharing their stories of love and pain to create a lasting impact on voters,” says Joey Hernández, Policy and Mobilization Manager at the Center.

‘They aren't just convincing voters to leave a voicemail in support of the Affordable Care Act, they are transforming them into advocates.’

The Sunday, July 9 phone bank will be from 11 am-3pm at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Youth Center on Highland (1220 N. Highland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038).

Volunteers will be provided with training and coaching as well as lunch and parking.

To RSVP go to: www.lalgbtcenter.org/SaveACA

Published July 05, 2017

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