The Los Angeles LGBT Center and Center CEO Lorri L. Jean joined forces with Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin and other LGBT leaders in the fight against the March 7 ballot Measure S, which would place a permanent construction ban on nearly 90% of city-owned affordable housing opportunity sites and inevitably create more homelessness in Los Angeles. 

Since its earliest days, the Los Angeles LGBT Center has provided affordable housing for homeless LGBT people. “Our Center has been providing affordable housing to our community for 47 years,” said Center CEO Lorri L. Jean, “It’s no secret that we have a crisis in our city when it comes to affordable housing and this crisis has a particularly devastating impact on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, especially the most vulnerable in our community, youth and seniors.”  

The Center recently started construction on its Anita May Rosenstein Campus which will provide 100 affordable housing units for low-income LGBT seniors, more than 100 beds for homeless LGBT youth and 30 supportive micro-units for youth. “These affordable housing units are literally going to save people’s lives,” said Jean, “But if Measure S had passed when we were getting our approvals from the city, it would have stopped us dead in our tracks. We would have been prohibited from building hundreds of units of affordable housing and that’s just wrong given the affordable housing crisis in our city.” 

Measure S would not only ban affordable housing throughout Los Angeles, it would increase costs for current renters, block proposed affordable housing for veterans, and take away jobs from local construction workers. “Measure S is fundamentally an attempt to build a wall around L.A. and we know that building walls is not the right thing to do,” said City Controller Ron Galperin, “We call on all Angelenos, in our LGBT community, in particular, to reject Measure S and its exclusionary approach to housing and everything else. We urge voters to see through the deceptive advertising campaign and instead vote no on Measure S.” 


March 1, 2017