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Take Five with Journey Streams

What would you say to someone thinking of volunteering?

My first Pride event was last year, the day after the attack in Orlando. I experienced so many emotions that day, particularly hope and pride because of the outpouring of support I witnessed. It inspired me to give back to the community by volunteering at the Center.

Now, I’m often the first face people see when they walk into The Village at Ed Gould Plaza at night. As a young person, I’ve never really been around LGBT adults. Through the people I’ve met as a volunteer, I have learned a lot about LGBT history, the AIDS epidemic, and social justice movements. Being able to interact with adults who are also LGBT has really changed my life.

I encourage other young people to volunteer, particularly those who might feel nervous about it. There are many ways to contribute and you’ll immediately feel at home because everyone is so friendly. There are a lot of people at risk, especially youth, and the Center provides not only support and much-needed services, but a space where people are safe and secure.

Journey recently graduated from high school and will be attending Yale University.

Learn more at lalgbtcenter.org/volunteer.

Published July 05, 2017

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